Agile Real Roles Card Game

Thanks for your interest in the new Real Roles Agile team game. Please enter your details to request a pack of cards.  (Please note we send to UK and Ireland only)

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You will have noticed that the ‘Task’ cards you collected during your Real Roles Agile Team game have a patterned color strip at the top. Did you see an identical pattern on all your ‘Task’ cards? Are a few different?

All the tasks cards for each Role (as defined in the DSDM Agile Project Framework) have an identical pattern. This means that you can compare what your team decided to the formal DSDM definition. Don’t worry if you collected a few cards which have a different strip pattern. This just means that your team decided to spread out the work that way. If you wish to explore this more (@game facilitators) then see the photos in the discussion thread about Real Roles Agile Team Game showing which pattern matches which Role. The team discussion is however more valuable than the detailed outcome.

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